New voice lessons, new teacher

I recently went to see a high school production of Phantom of the Opera. I’m sure some of you are like, ‘What? Phantom, at a high school? What is wrong with these people?’ But to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. The two girls that played Christine and Carlotta were shocking. Carlotta totally blew me away! I have never heard a high school student with such amazing technique. She was phenomenal! After the show I went to her and asked who her teacher and it turns out, it was an old teacher of Trevors. Barry Bounous is a part time vocal coach at Brigham Young University. I was super nervous about calling him the first time, but it turned out totally fine. He was really nice and called me back pretty quickly. So tomorrow I have a voice lesson with him.

Since I stopped taking lessons from Allison, I haven’t sung and to be honest, I’ve not had much interest. I always get so wrapped up with everything that I’m doing, that I forget about singing. For a while I was totally focused on writing my novel and left singing by the wayside. It happens. But now I need to get back into it because . . .

I’ve decided to audition of the Royal Academy Opera in London, England in the Fall of 2012. I know its a bit away, but thats when I will have finished my degree and be able to go onto my masters. Plus is like $30,000 for a year and we want to be able to afford at least a fraction of that.

But I’m super psyched! Wish me luck!!!!


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