Something Beautiful

Have you ever wanted to create something beautiful, but wasn’t quiet sure how? I get that feeling a lot. I will suddenly have this need to create, to write, sing, dance, paint, but I’m not sure what or even how. The drive to create is very strong in the human race. Since the dawn of time we have pushed to create life, create homes, create art. But what can we create that is truly original anymore? Is there such a thing as an original thought? And original idea? Or has it all been done before?

I find myself asking those types of questions more and more lately. Is it possible? Can you create something that is truly yours? That hasn’t been adulterated by the world around you? I don’t think so. I think no matter what you do, you are always influenced in some way by what is around you. No matter what.

But then what are we creating? The regurgitation of a generation? Are we pushing the same ideas that have been pushed before? Are we expressing the same things that have been expressed before?

How do you create something that is beautiful? How do you create something that is just you?


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