Photo shoot

The photo shoot went great! The cloths that Heather and I had gone to get at Platos were a smashing hit. Janelle, another sister of mine, agreed to be the photographer and I must say, she did a fantastic job. We took the pictures near a lake in the small community called Daybreak. It is a beautiful area with lots of nature and nice, fun people. As you can see in some of the picture there was a bridge that we took some pictures under and it was so cool because of the wind that was coming in from the north. I felt a little like Marilyn Monroe because my skirt kept flying up. We had a CD player with us and the only upbeat CD we could find was High School Musical 2. So I got to listen to Zac Efron and Vanessa Hutchens for a few hours…over and over! I loved the pictures that we took in the grass and by the trees. Jae did a fantastic job getting interesting angles and picking great shots! Thanks so much sis!