Photo shoot

The photo shoot went great! The cloths that Heather and I had gone to get at Platos were a smashing hit. Janelle, another sister of mine, agreed to be the photographer and I must say, she did a fantastic job. We took the pictures near a lake in the small community called Daybreak. It is a beautiful area with lots of nature and nice, fun people. As you can see in some of the picture there was a bridge that we took some pictures under and it was so cool because of the wind that was coming in from the north. I felt a little like Marilyn Monroe because my skirt kept flying up. We had a CD player with us and the only upbeat CD we could find was High School Musical 2. So I got to listen to Zac Efron and Vanessa Hutchens for a few hours…over and over! I loved the pictures that we took in the grass and by the trees. Jae did a fantastic job getting interesting angles and picking great shots! Thanks so much sis!


New Cloths!

I went shopping today with my wonderful big sister for the photo shoot coming up soon. It was so much fun to pick out cloths then try them on with her. I’m always so horrible at choosing outfits and figuring out what to wear with them.

We decided to go to Plato’s Closet, a consignment store right next to my apartment. This place has been such a jewel to me because I’ve been able to find some really amazing things there for really cheap and been able to get a ton of stuff! We both started in the middle in a section and work both ways until we had looked at everything. It was fun to look all the different shirts and think about the possibility of each shirt, each outfit. I could create myself in so many different ways, it was limitless possibility!

I got a few really great things that will work really well for the photo shoot and also on stage. So in the next few weeks you guys will see the great outfits we got!